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Time for Java OS?

Imagine if code was written an appropriate level of abstraction such that it contained no platform dependencies. In such an scenario, the code could pick and choose at run time the platform it prefers to run on. This choice can be dictated by multiple factors including the enterprise policy. This scenario is like your cell phone call being routed through any network available based on existing arrangement and cost to the service provider. As a consumer you don't care how it is routed as long as it is routed and not dropped.

In such a scenario, what choices would the code want to be offered? Certainly not Windows or Solaris or Linux. It is going to be .NET or Java. The code would expect these two frameworks to interpret the high level declarations in the code and compile it into binaries that are appropriate for the underlying platform.

The point is the code couldn't care less if the system has solaris or linus or windows. All the code cares for is it is given a filesystem to…