Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cloud Storage

I ran into the letter to stockholders for AMZN.

It does not read like a letter that a retailer sends out to its stockholder. It reads more like a conversation between two technologists. AMZN realizes that if it only gets to store/manage 2% of the 500 Billion Gigabytes of data that exists in the world, it could earn at the rate of $1.2M/Petabyte/year enough to more than double ths stock price from its current (often considered lofty) levels.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

NIST Cloud Standards

NIST released its cloud computing standards July 5th. Besides the standard definition around delivery models and characteristics "What" of the cloud, what stands out to me as the most important element of cloud computing is the definition and standardization of the roles in cloud computing. More specifically, the definition of the role "Cloud Auditor". With increasing deployment of clouds, this role becomes about as important if not more as the "Cloud Broker" role.

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