Sunday, March 16, 2008

Buttons on the Web

The industry keeps searching for the next killer application when it is sitting right in front of us. All we need to do is add functionality to it. The killer application is the Web and it has buttons.

The first one (circa 1995) is called "View". We click on this button and we browse the web, view videos and listen to audio. It is now called Web 1.0.

Then we started to notice a new button begin to appear on the web. With time we could read it as "Edit". Using the functionality provided by this button, we can now edit wikipedia, blogs and podcast ourselves. This button's backend infrastructure is being developed at companies such as Amazon, Google, Cisco (Webex), etc.

Once again there is a new button that is appearing, but people can't quite read its title just yet. Those who can read it are making frequent rounds to their neigbourhood venture community. Unfortunately, but for a few select ones, they will see it when it is too late. That button is titled "Run". Yes, the same thing as when you press the "windows" key + "r". The coolness of this new button is you can pretty much type anything (assuming an application exists) in the run box and it (the applicaton/service) will appear from somewhere on the web. You can use the application as long or as little as you want and save your results to local disk or a webdisk. All of this as part of subcription from your friendly ISP.

Hope the industry can rally the resources to fund and develop this new infrastructure to support this "run" button. This is where the next Google is going to come from.

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