Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Network Data Analytics for Recommendation Tool

Yeah so first Happy New Year

Can analytics data collected from the network actually be used for driving IT infrastructure sales? This is what I was thinking about when scuba diving on the coral reefs over the break. As an aside I try to think of something pleasant when scuba diving as I tend to panic and hit the button to rise to the surface.

So back to the question. The answer IMHO is 'yes'. If we collect the right telemetry of an application distributed in the datacenter, we can answer a query like "What resources (IT) are used to create this latency profile". For example, if we know that a certain install of SharePoint has a distribution of response times that are satisfactory to the administrator then a simple query like the above should give us a list of inventory that made this possible. This inventory can include switches, servers, storage software etc. Evolve this tool further and this product can also give you TCO of a infrastructure by recording this data overtime and using it for TCO calculation. Telemetry needs to meet AI/ML for this to happen.

So the question is why isn't anyone doing this?

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