Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cloud Computing SOU

Interesting findings from Zenoss study on CC. Flexibility is now the leading driver for virtualization ahead of capex savings. Even though 90% of startups are working on products with a value prop that is a variation on "Managing VM Sprawl", only 26% of customer have deployed a tool to manage virtual infrastructure. So apparently, the customer is not driven to virtualization based on capex or opex savings. What gives?

Actually this is kind of good news. The whole cloud thing was hijacked by "Opex Savings" value prop i.e. management automation etc. around late 2008. The original cloud vision of internet as a platform (like OS today) was put on the back burner. May be we should get back to the roots of the cloud.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Framework for Network Svcs Deployment

If we refer to the bubble years as the "siliconization" of the network services, then today we are experiencing "containerization" of the nework services i.e. all network services need to be ported to a container that abstracts the oddities of the underlying platform and manages all non-configurable parameters. In addition, it offers the run-time for the control plane of the network services and leverages PCI architecture's VF to leverage HW acceleration.

Should this architecture win in the market place, it will have a profound impact on the networking industry.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

HTML 5 Demo

The site shows what media made specific for a browser will look like. It uses HTML5. HTML 5 has every thing (but double buffering) that a media designer wants. 3D engine for rendering, texture mapping, color correction, sequencing, audio and video support.

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