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Industry Is Climbing a Layer of Abstraction

Where ever you look in the industry, there is a new trend that is driving research and development of the next step in the ladder of abstraction in computer science. You only have to scratch the surface of household buzzwords like SOA, Web 2.0, Grid Computing, Virtualization, On-Demand, Utility Computing and (of course) Application Overlay Networks or AONs to realize that these trends are nothing more than a layer of abstraction over everything that is being done today.

Start with SOA, it is a layer of abstraction on top of currently dominant programming paradigms. At this new layer, one has to independent of Language, the underlying hosting environment, the underlying data model and inter and intra application communication protocol. You are seeing XML driven data models take hold on top of a hosting environment that is supports platform independent interfaces and the interfaces themselves are described in a platform and language independent fashion.

Look at Web 2.0 abstracts the web t…