Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Area Network

Did you know that an average american household contains appliances that use at least six different network protocols everyday. They are

1. Cordless Phone Network
2. Bluetooth Network
3. Cellular Network
4. WiFi Network
5. Cable Network
6. POTs network

This does not even include the many remote controls which use point to point proprietary protocols. Remotes like

1. TV/Audio or Anything IR
2. Garage Door Opener
3. Keyless Entry on Car

And increasingly the devices on these networks are not stateless. When I add someone to my cell phone's addressbook, it does not automatically update the addressbook on the cordless at home or outlook on my laptops and desktop. When I talk over Vonage, something should automagically throttle a mp3 file being downloaded.

There has go to be a switch which can switch control/data over these networks.

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