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Internet of Things

There isn't just one web. There are many webs, the one we call web is the information web that can be browsed. There is a web being built that is invisible to a browser, it is the web of machines - referred to sometimes as IoT. As usual it is being met with cynicism, because we are not able to see the potential of machine to machine communication. Machines don't have to be physical devices, they can software logic elements. The communication transport does not need to be heavy weight, it does not even need to run entirely over existing TCI/IP transport. Some of the possibilities of IoT are obvious i.e. call home feature, automated trading floors, intelligent surveillance etc. But some are not so obvious. Take for example, your TV prompting you to watch a program because it read a note on your blog or read your profile and "understood" that some program running now is important to you. (apple tv take hint please). Or it knows using face recognition using kinect who is…