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SOA and SDN - Lots in common

A decade and a half ago SoA drove an architectural change in software systems with the primary goal of loosening the tight bindings that existed between distributed components in a system. Then the tight binding was the language used (primarily Java). SoA was not a product, but it drove the roadmap of almost every product in the software industry. It created new products as well. Tight bindings made the software systems unscalable and brittle. SoA succeeded in that today's systems are more distributed and more scalable. Today's programmer has a choice of language. SDN too is not a product, it is an architecture. It too aims to loosen the tight bindings in the network systems - in this case a tight binding between the interface and the implementation (resulting in monopolistic markets). But the impact of SDN on the networking industry at least so far (4 yrs since OpenFlow) seems very limited. SoA drove a new serialization, new interface definition, new directory and a new wir…